Muay Thai for Self-Defense

CORE UFC GYM’s Muay Thai class covers the ancient art of 8 limbs. This class includes Muay Thai leg kicks, knees, elbows, and clinching. Classes are offered for Levels 1, 2, and 2-3.

Is Muay Thai effective for real-world street fight? Absolutely. The main philosophy of Thai kickboxing is to prepare a fighter for a real, full power fight. The final goal is to make him or her 'ring ready'.

If you're tough enough to fight in the ring then you're tough enough to take on someone trying to mug you in the street.

And let's not forget that a military hand-to-hand combat style like Krav Maga includes many Muay Thai fighting techniques.

What moves and tactics works in street fights?

Let's start with what doesn't work: most forms of wrestling and grappling that gets you stuck with just one person at a time is something to be avoided.

Fighting one guy on the ground makes you an easy target for the others around you. And street fight is chaotic and you never know how many guys will get involved and at what point they may attack you.

So what does work in a street fight? Stand-up striking. These techniques are better at controlling the situation and allow you to move around more freely.

You should not utilize head-kicks unless you're an expert. This technique, especially when blocked, may throw you off balance, making you a target for attacks once on the ground.

And the worst place you can imagine to be during the street fight is to be on the ground. It's much better to throw low kicks targeting sides of your opponent's knees.

Muay Thai for self-defense: Skills & Techniques

Muay Thai workouts: strength and stamina training. Muay Thai is very demanding when it comes to physical performance, these classes will give you a great workout regardless of your skill level.

Technical training. Strength. Stamina. Straight-forward fighting techniques: kicks are simple yet powerful. It just comes naturally to use a quick body kick or a leg kick to throw the attacker on the ground.

Punching techniques are based on Western Boxing. Elbows and knees are used in short distance fighting.

It is much easier to use straightforward techniques in a real fight than trying to utilize more fancy and complicated strikes.Great pressure is put on sparring: you will practice with a real opponent from the start of your training. Same goes to technical classes: you will practice new techniques and combinations with a sparring partner, not on your own, most of the time.

This the best way to emulate a real fight and learn useful fighting skills. Muay Thai provides you with an arsenal of short and long range weapons. Which makes it possible to effectively attack and defend yourself at any distance.

You can keep an aggressor away with push kicks or you can keep him in a tight clinch and control the situation with elbow and knee strikes. Elbow strikes allow you to protect your face and deliver a powerful blows to your opponent's head at the same time. Furthermore, you will be protecting your face with your elbows, and bonus your opponent may hurt his knuckles trying to punch you. Tip of the elbow is one of the hardest points of human body.

Training Muay Thai gives you self-confidence. It makes you stronger, shape up your body and improves your posture. Most people standing on the street or drinking in the bar looking for a trouble are more likely to attack only when they are confident that they are going to win the fight. Stand up for yourself and exude confidence from the beginning to ward off any potential threat in the first place.

Come & try a class for yourself! Our Coach is the best in town, we won't regret it!

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