pH Balance For Your Body Can Make You Feel Incredible

The Basics Of pH

The first step to a healthier you is understanding how certain foods can upset your body's natural pH balance. Your body should have a neutral pH of seven. Having a pH higher or lower than this can cause a variety of unpleasant physical symptoms. Most individuals do not know that their body needs to have a certain pH balance. One reason for this is that the pharmaceutical industry wants to sell you expensive and dangerous pills to fix your problems. They do not want you to know that there is a safe, inexpensive solution to many of your physical ailments.

Your body's pH balance is determined by the foods you eat and drink. If you eat too many acidic foods, you can experience acidosis. Alternatively, if you are not eating enough acidic foods, your body could have too low of a pH. This condition is known as alkalosis. Raw foods are generally more alkaline than cooked foods, although there are some exceptions to this rule. You can find charts online that tell you exactly how acidic or how alkaline a certain food is. These charts are very helpful when you are trying to manage your body's pH. Many people feel tired and sick all the time without having any idea why they feel so badly. They do not think that the foods that they eat could possibly be a problem because they mainly eat healthy foods. However, many healthy foods can upset your body's delicate pH balance if eaten in excess.

Symptoms Of A Low Or High pH

The list of health problems that can be caused by an unbalanced pH level is long. Women who are prone to yeast infections find that addressing their pH problems holistically reduces the frequency of their yeast infections. Both men and women also notice a decrease in the duration and severity of urinary tract infection. When your body's pH balance is correct, your body is less prone to infection. If an infection does occur, the proper pH balance improves your body's ability to fight that infection off. If you have skin issues, such as acne or psoriasis, you will experience an improvement in the smoothness and clarity of your skin in you can just get your pH back in balance. These are just a few of the problems associated with a pH that is too low.

How To Determine Your pH

If you are experiencing some of the health problems associated with an unbalanced pH level, you need to test yourself to see if you have this problem. You can buy pH testing strips at many health food stores. They are also available online. Once you find out whether or not your body has a pH issue, you can start to treat yourself. Your body is very quick to heal once you start eating and drinking the right foods in the right amounts. Many individuals notice a fast improvement in their symptoms.

How To Achieve pH Balance

If you have a low pH and you want to restore harmony to your body, you need to change the way you eat. There are plenty of resources both in print and online that contain recipes specially designed to keep your pH balance at the perfect level to ensure ideal human health


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